Charcuterie Visuelle

March 14, 2014

Since the GIF was born back in 1987 it has always been a true companion in my digital life. Especially the animated type. The style of GIFs definitely changed a lot over time. Right now tumblr is a big source of a neverending stream of moving images.
I really enjoy creating small movie loops and publishing them on my tumblr site called «Charcuterie Visuelle».



To produce them I mainly use VDMX, Quartzcomposer or Processing. Sometimes I use AfterEffects but I more and more hate to render and just love the realtime experimenting in VDMX, Quartz and Processing. The GIFs are usually just a result of tinkering around in those applications.



These short clips are usually made of my own video shots combined with some found footage or moving graphical elements, all together put through a sometimes nifty, sometimes cheesy filter.
Technology: Quartzcomposer, VDMX, Processing, AfterEffects
Design / Programming / Animation: Mathias Lutz