Verein zur Erweiterung des kulturellen Angebots

February 25, 2012

The range of places to go out are quite limited in my hometown. But for me the choice is pretty simple. There is only one place in Glarus that hosts trashy one man bands, 80ies aerobic disasters, russian polka, futurerave, experimental theater, art exhibitions and a vintage jukebox.

Like the variety of acts featured at the «Veka», the clubs website is unconventionally refreshing. Designer Dafi Kühnes use of typography paired with animated GIFs makes this frontend look unique. Check out the «Vergangenheit» page to scroll through all the acts of the past and see the layout in all its beauty.

And if you should ever end up on a weekend in Glarus, cross your fingers for something going on at the Veka.
Technology: Drupal / JavaScript / CSS
Programming: Mathias Lutz
Design: Dafi Kühne