Hockey Video Teaser

November 5, 2015

A video teaser for the hockeyschool of Glarus.


Sound of Glarus

August 17, 2015

Event website for the music festival «Sound of Glarus».


Peepshow at Gepäckausgabe

June 6, 2015

Creating new situations from found footage at Gepäckausgabe. Installations, Objects, Video, Sound. A group exhibition with Latefa Wiersch and Marco Russo.


Exhibition elements for HMG

May 2, 2015

For this historical exhibition of the 150 year anniversary of HMG I developed interactive elements like music terminals and point-of-view video loops.


Kulturgesellschaft Glarus

October 10, 2014

Theater and concerts for kids and olders. The «Kulturgesellschaft Glarus» organizes a variety of cultural events presented on their new website.


Charcuterie Visuelle

March 14, 2014

Since the GIF was born back in 1987 it has always been a true companion in my digital life. I really enjoy creating small movie loops and publishing them on my tumblr site called «Charcuterie Visuelle».


Spaghuzz Biz

October 17, 2013

Portfolio Website for DJ, Music Producer and Artist «Spaghuzz» aka Marco Russo. Take a look at the future!

The Scenography of Corrado Dick

July 11, 2013

Portfolio Website featuring the latest adventures in scenography of Zurich based scenographer Corrado Dick.


Verein zur Erweiterung des kulturellen Angebots

February 25, 2012

Website for my favourite place to go out. At Veka you can stumble into anything from a low-fi western trash concert to a bingo night.

woodtype now

Woodytpe Now!

January 21, 2012

Webapp / Website for Graphic designer and letterpress addict Dafi Kühne presenting various ways of combining digital and analogue production methods for letterpress printing.


Narte Film Ident

October 7, 2011

Motion Graphics for the film production collective «narte». Used as logo ident in Anita Blumers feature Film «Alles eis Ding».



July 5, 2011 features an interactive map of my hometown Glarus, that compares the city structure of 1861 to todays situation. Based on the computer model of architect Reto Fuchs the website was built 250 years after a huge fire destroyed most parts of the city.


Love Songs

November 19, 2007

«Love Songs» is a 10 seconds shortfilm created for the MINIMOTION contest in Zurich.



July 19, 2007

The responsive video installation «spot!» deals with the question on what defines an artwork as art. The installation uses the context of an exhibition to integrate the spectator himself into a piece of art by recording and reprojecting the audience.