woodtype now

Woodytpe Now!

January 21, 2012

Graphic designer and letterpress addict Dafi Kühne contacted me to set up a website for his ZHdK bachelor project on – what else – letterpress techniques. He explores various ways of combining digital and analogue production methods.

The Website called «Woodtype Now!» is layed out horizontally, which you won’t see quite often, especially on a single page site with that much content. I guess users of a Mac mouse will love it more than the others. Besides the unique layout, the navigation menu is quite special too. It controls the contents position by sliding it horizontally and updates according to this position.

For the exhibition «Wood Type, Evolved: Experimental Letterpress & Relief Printing in the 21st Century» at the «Center for Book & Paper Arts» in Chicago I later produced a custom iPad version of the site, so Dafis work could be shown as a webapp during the exhibition.

Technology: JavaScript
Programming: Mathias Lutz
Content / Concept / Design: Dafi Kühne